All About That Hand at Open Stage

The Pill Crew, with Pilly, Classy, and Chilly

Well, just…bollocks! Here it is a week later, and I never made time to publish this blog post! I can make all kinds of excuses—editing photographs from a portrait shoot; prepping for classes at the day job; getting lost in a Lost Girl marathon… Well, it’s better late than never, I reckon! At least, for blog posts. 😮 So, here are photographs from the last Open Stage that I went to. And maybe a tiny bit of story telling. 😉 Continue reading “All About That Hand at Open Stage”

Final Year: Portraits of a Senior

Cap and Gown Senior Portrait Headshot and full length in front of the Eagle sculpture "In High Places"

Medium Portrait in front of the Eagle sculpture "In High Places" at UNTSo, funny story. There I was, minding my own business at the day job. Putting together curricula, working on PowerPoints, browsing Facebook, reading email. You know, doing normal day-job stuff. Then, out of the blue, a friend and colleague writes and says, “hey, were you serious about making senior photographs for my daughter?” (okay, not really out of the blue; I had suggested it weeks before, over excellent Italian food). Completely not expecting the question, I naturally replied, “Abso-freakin’-lutely!”. Or words to that effect. 🙂 Turns out the young lady wished to be photographed around the UNT (University of North Texas) campus. Innocently, I inquired, “So, is that where Ashley is enrolling in college?”. Continue reading “Final Year: Portraits of a Senior”

ReAwakening: A Belly Dance Celebration

Just Fabulous and the Choreography CollectiveOn March 28, we enjoyed a nice evening out at The Tavern on Main Street. It was an evening to celebrate the onslaught of Spring: pollen, rain, spores. All the best things! But in addition to beautiful flowers peeking out of their tiny buds, and baby leaves cooing softly on their oaken branches and twigs, it was also a time for dancers to come out of hibernation; to shed the trappings of a long, brutal winter fraught with icicles and packed with snow. Well, okay, there was at least one snow day, and the snow was not very packed. And there *were* icicles! I have photographic proof! On my phone, somewhere… Okay, FINE! It was a short, “meh” kind of winter! But that takes nothing away from beautiful belly dancers! NOTHING, I say! 😛

Continue reading “ReAwakening: A Belly Dance Celebration”