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Cap and Gown Senior Portrait Headshot and full length in front of the Eagle sculpture "In High Places"

Final Year: Portraits of a Senior

Medium Portrait in front of the Eagle sculpture "In High Places" at UNTSo, funny story. There I was, minding my own business at the day job. Putting together curricula, working on PowerPoints, browsing Facebook, reading email. You know, doing normal day-job stuff. Then, out of the blue, a friend and colleague writes and says, “hey, were you serious about making senior photographs for my daughter?” (okay, not really out of the blue; I had suggested it weeks before, over excellent Italian food). Completely not expecting the question, I naturally replied, “Abso-freakin’-lutely!”. Or words to that effect. 🙂 Turns out the young lady wished to be photographed around the UNT (University of North Texas) campus. Innocently, I inquired, “So, is that where Ashley is enrolling in college?”. Continue reading

ReAwakening: A Belly Dance Celebration

Just Fabulous and the Choreography CollectiveOn March 28, we enjoyed a nice evening out at The Tavern on Main Street. It was an evening to celebrate the onslaught of Spring: pollen, rain, spores. All the best things! But in addition to beautiful flowers peeking out of their tiny buds, and baby leaves cooing softly on their oaken branches and twigs, it was also a time for dancers to come out of hibernation; to shed the trappings of a long, brutal winter fraught with icicles and packed with snow. Well, okay, there was at least one snow day, and the snow was not very packed. And there *were* icicles! I have photographic proof! On my phone, somewhere… Okay, FINE! It was a short, “meh” kind of winter! But that takes nothing away from beautiful belly dancers! NOTHING, I say! 😛

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