Spooky Stage III: A frightfully good time!

A table full of Halloween goodies--eyeballs, pumpkins, bones.
Spooky eats!

Wow, what a humongous cluster! The 3rd annual Spooky Stage took over Open Stage this week. Ghouls and goblins, witches and skeletons. Cats. What would Halloween be without cats? Devils. The big guy himself turned out. Unbelievable. Brittney Pigeon dressed up like Dorothy. There’s a mind-bender! Death and Pinky Pie teaming up for tech theatre duties. Imagine Death himself handing you a microphone! Chilling. A huge cluster of fiends from the netherwold, superheroes, Doctors, and freaks of all shapes, sizes, and persuasion. Wait, what kind of cluster did you think I was talking about? Continue reading “Spooky Stage III: A frightfully good time!”

#ProjectPenguin Open Stage

A new face, Penguin, joins the crew of Classy, Pilly, and Chilly
A new face, Penguin, joins the crew of Classy, Pilly, and Chilly

Unbelievable. A truly remarkable evening. Yup, you heard that right! ‘Twas history in the making! And you were not there, were you? *sigh* What’re we going to do with you? It’s Open Stage, for heaven’s sake! And a very momentous, emotional, exciting, and colorful Open Stage it was! This week’s Open Stage was marked by impressive firsts, torrid illicit transactions, shenanigans, and lots of love for Mom-n-Dad. You really had to be there to get the full impact, but I’ll try to bring a tiny bit here. Be sure to make the next one!!!

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The End of an Open Stage Era

Open Stage 130805 0003The Crew holding a table downOpen Stage 130805 0003
The end of an era. A poetic denouement. A chapter coming to a close, but not the book. Or could it be a sequel? Open Stage 2.0? Apropos in this technological age, but an over-used appellation. Open Stage: New Beginnings? Hmm, that could work. It is, after all, a new beginning of sorts. Open Stage is moving to a new location. A larger place that will allow more configurations and setups, and hopefully new activities and opportunities. A whole range of possibilities glancing siren-link back at the hard-charging soldiers of Circus Freaks. This could get interesting. Well, more interesting. So, Circus Freaks hosts the final Open Stage at House of Poets. Continue reading “The End of an Open Stage Era”