A Little Song and Dance at Open Stage

Photograph of a Tambourine on the floor

Well, good evening, ladies and gents! Once again I have the distinct honor of presenting to you, my loyal and faithful tolerant and forgiving readership, photographs from the spectacle that is….The Open Stage!! (insert well-timed cymbal clash here). Where else can you have so much fun on a Monday night? It’s a great way to get the week started! These memories will carry you all the way to Friday! 🙂 I must advise you, there is well-tasseled burlesque dancers contained herein! 😀 Continue reading “A Little Song and Dance at Open Stage”

ReAwakening: A Belly Dance Celebration

Just Fabulous and the Choreography CollectiveOn March 28, we enjoyed a nice evening out at The Tavern on Main Street. It was an evening to celebrate the onslaught of Spring: pollen, rain, spores. All the best things! But in addition to beautiful flowers peeking out of their tiny buds, and baby leaves cooing softly on their oaken branches and twigs, it was also a time for dancers to come out of hibernation; to shed the trappings of a long, brutal winter fraught with icicles and packed with snow. Well, okay, there was at least one snow day, and the snow was not very packed. And there *were* icicles! I have photographic proof! On my phone, somewhere… Okay, FINE! It was a short, “meh” kind of winter! But that takes nothing away from beautiful belly dancers! NOTHING, I say! 😛

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