A Little Song and Dance at Open Stage

Photograph of a Tambourine on the floor

Well, good evening, ladies and gents! Once again I have the distinct honor of presenting to you, my loyal and faithful tolerant and forgiving readership, photographs from the spectacle that is….The Open Stage!! (insert well-timed cymbal clash here). Where else can you have so much fun on a Monday night? It’s a great way to get the week started! These memories will carry you all the way to Friday! 🙂 I must advise you, there is well-tasseled burlesque dancers contained herein! 😀 Continue reading “A Little Song and Dance at Open Stage”

Hanging Out at Open Stage

Ringmaster Russ reacts to a great show

Twice in one month. That’s got to be some kind of record for me! Well, it was Memorial Day! What better way to remember all our fallen veterans than exercising the freedoms they fought and died for? I hope if there’s a soldier or sailor in your life that you’ll treasure that person. Give her a hug, or a healthy punch on the shoulder! Because of those sacrifices, we’re able to enjoy things like Open Stage! Continue reading “Hanging Out at Open Stage”