Having a Baby!

Hey, y’all! I’m back at it! I had a little down-time for a while, where I was only photographing some high-profile events at the day job (like our Martin Luther King, Jr. celebration). But my goal this year is to really get back into the swing of making portraits. What better way to start out than with the impending arrival of a new life!! 🙂

Photographs of Elizabeth in a field of bluebonnets
© 2017, Matthew Vanecek

These are some of my favorite photographs from my session with Elizabeth and Noah. I’m confident they will make wonderful parents, and will raise an inquisitive and compassionate new person!

Photographs of Elizabeth and Noah in a field of bluebonnets
© 2017, Matthew Vanecek

Per my usual track record with maternity sessions, Elizabeth went into labor a scant week after our session, and little Eleanor was presented to the world.

Photograph of Elizabeth and Noah lying cuddled in a field of bluebonnets
© 2017, Matthew Vanecek

Midsummer Open Stage

A Ring and Flags

Wow! The world certainly has a different feel today! I got all caught up in the excitement yesterday, and delayed this post to today. Friday, June 26, 2015, here forward known as “Equality Day”, was a massive step forward in the fight for civil rights. I say (perhaps a bit tongue in cheek) that this was a good week in which to have had a fairy-based Midsummer Stage. 😉 Paying tribute, of course, to William Shakespeare. So, without much ado, let’s dive in! Continue reading “Midsummer Open Stage”