Picture of a Voodoo Doll

Veda the Voodoo Doll and Her Basket So, there’s a new doll in town. Newly crafted from bits of lace and fabric, old gloves and stockings, and held together with thread and pins. Now, what could all those pins be for? There are certainly more than enough to hold the doll’s bits and pieces together! Hmm, food for thought?

Our new doll will be brought to life in an upcoming theatrical run, but needed some photographs for posters and flyers and the like. I’m always up for a challenge! Arranging a life-sized doll for best presentation can be difficult. Especially when the doll is replete with very sharp pointy things! No little amount of blood was shed in the making of these, I tell you what!Veda the Voodoo Doll When a body gets to playing with dolls, he really needs to be careful where the pins get stuck! Thankfully, no laughter interrupted the goings-on, and we were able to slowly draw the pin out without damaging the doll! And then placed her back on display, awaiting the time when somebody brings her to life!Veda the Voodoo Doll Stuck with a Sword

Veda will be brought to life by Rachael “Frankie Stiletto” Williams in upcoming performances of Playthings as part of the Festival of Independent Theatres (FIT). Dates when you may see this wondrous creation at the Bath House Cultural Center, insofar as we know them, are: 

  1. July 17 
  2. July 18 
  3. July 23 
  4. July 25 
  5. July 31 
  6. August 1

There is also a Facebook Event to help you keep track of dates and other goings on. Be sure to check it out!

Until next time, dear folks, keep that imagination working overtime on fantastical worlds and eclectic characters! And find somebody who wants a hug and give that lucky person a good, solid dose of friendship!