Midsummer Open Stage

A Ring and Flags

Wow! The world certainly has a different feel today! I got all caught up in the excitement yesterday, and delayed this post to today. Friday, June 26, 2015, here forward known as “Equality Day”, was a massive step forward in the fight for civil rights. I say (perhaps a bit tongue in cheek) that this was a good week in which to have had a fairy-based Midsummer Stage. 😉 Paying tribute, of course, to William Shakespeare. So, without much ado, let’s dive in!

So, we ask our erstwhile ceremonial Master of Ceremonies:

Say, what abridgement have you for this evening?
What masque? what music? How shall we beguile
The lazy time, if not with some delight?

And here, the answer! We start off the evening with Avalon on guitar, and “Fawn” on vocals, bringing us appropriate melodies for the era. Fawn (with the antlers) rendered a version of “Daughter of the Glade”, by Tricky Pixie. The lovely Avalon played the guitar to help guide the song through its highs and lows, and our Fawn did a fairytale job of singing the song. Avalon, a vigorous songstress in her own right, followed up with “Changeling Child” by Heather Dale (on the the “The Gabriel Hounds” album). This was actually the first time I’d been able to see Avalon perform, and I was spellbound. Well, as spellbound as I could be, holding a camera and all. 😉

Avalon partners with "Fawn" to sing
“Fawn” and Avalon sing “Daughter of the Glade” by Tricky PIxie, and “Changeling Child” by Heather Dale
Avalon partners with "Fawn" to sing
“Fawn” and Avalon sing “Daughter of the Glade” by Tricky PIxie, and “Changeling Child” by Heather Dale

Frankie Stiletto spent the evening as “The Shrew”. She was, of course, never shrewish. You may remember Frankie from such episodes as “I swallowed a sword”, or “I swallowed a sword and juggled balls while doing it!” But she can do other stuff, too! A beautiful story of reaching and overcoming, with a beautiful display of poi flags. Frankie has many skills! I didn’t know about this one until tonight, and I’m glad I got to witness another dimension of our favorite sword-swallowing juggler!

Frankie Stiletto with Flags and a Ring
Frankie Stiletto as The Shrew shows her skills with flags

And there came Nadia! A Siren’s voice (she has played a Siren in times past!), lifted in enchanting incantation. I actually did listen, to be sure my ears did not deceive. Nope, she’s as good as all that! The skillful dryad lifted her voice in song with “Élan”, by Nightwish. The audience was so enraptured by her song and poise, that we enjoined her to bring us another song. By popular demand, a Persian story of yearning in native Farsi, “Gole Goldoone Man”. Nadia uses her voice as skillfully as any musician plays an instrument.

Nadia the Siren as a Wood Nymph
Lady Nadia sings “Elan” by Nightwise, and “Gole Goldoone Man”, a traditional Persian song.

And what Shakespearean celebration would be complete without a dramatic reading and enactment from “William Shakespeare’s The Empire Striketh Back”? None, I tell you! We tried once, but learned, “Try thou not. But do thou or do thou not, For there is notry.”” Molly Macabre and Adelaide Renegade team up for a dramatic reading and enactment of Luke trying to raise his X-Wing from the murky waters of the swamps of Dagobah.

Molly Macabre and Adelaide Renegade
Molly Macabre and Adelaide Renegade with a dramatic enactment from “The Empire Sriketh Back”

Moving on into the evening, and eclectic selection of players stepped into the glade. Fairy Kenna resurrected her harp, and even was persuaded to do a little improv. Minerva waxed comedic about worlds outside the glade, at the self-checkout stands of Walmart. Ironically overseeing the very machines that were designed to take her mode of sustenance. And the acrobatic Scott stepped up for some Celtic Metal Improv handstanding.

Kenna, Minerva, and Scott in the After
Fairy Kenna picks up an instrument long gathering dust, while Minerva waxes comedic and Scott improvs acrobatic

Will Wells made an appearance with a very skilled guitar performance, first with a flat top, and then with an electric axe. I was quite impressed; I hope he signs up to play the Main Stage sometime soon!

Will Wells plays Guitar
Will Wells unintentionally demonstrates why he needs to be in the Main Show with his guitar. Either one of them.

There were other fairies and nymphs and various denizens of Fey throughout the evening. Some things, you just had to be there for, like an audience-participation episode of Revolver. But the show ended in the best way possible. Lord Gregory of Innervoice teamed up with our very own Alicia for a Scottish Rainbow Connection. Which, in retrospect, seems extraordinarily apropos of the week. 🙂

Alicia and Lord Gregory End the Show
Lord Gregory teams up with Alicia for a Scottish rendition of “Rainbow Connection”

It was a wonderful and delightful show this week, and I’m glad I was able to be around for the entire affair. I have more photographs, as always, over at my Open Stage galleries. Feel free to browse around a bit and even share.

There are videos of select performances from the show, too. Alicia, the librarian and documentarian of the Circus Freaks, assembles those in record time and gets them uploaded by the end of the week. Truly a miraculous feat that surely requires some element of Fey to accomplish! You can go take a peak at those on the Circus Freaks’ blog, and see what you missed!

The Open Stage is a venue for all. If you have a skill, talent, a poem to read, prose to deliver, or speechifying to…speechify…on…, well, why not come out? Open Stage happens every week on Mondays at the Celebration Event Center and Ballroom. Why don’t you sign up to play the Open Stage?

Until next time, fair nymphs and satyrs, keep dancing, have fun, adn give somebody who wants it a HUGE hug! 🙂