A Little Song and Dance at Open Stage

Well, good evening, ladies and gents! Once again I have the distinct honor of presenting to you, my loyal and faithful tolerant and forgiving readership, photographs from the spectacle that is….The Open Stage!! (insert well-timed cymbal clash here). Where else can you have so much fun on a Monday night? It’s a great way to get the week started! These memories will carry you all the way to Friday! 🙂 I must advise you, there is well-tasseled burlesque dancers contained herein! 😀

Of course, if you were unable to attend the show on Monday, then you would not get to participate in the joy of the performances until Friday, and even then only via the proxy of photographs and video. Which, I assure you, does cause the week to lose a bit of luster. See, you miss out on performances like this, by the beauteous bellydance troupe, Safra Warda. These skilled ladies brought us a menagerie of spins, shimmies, snake arms, silk fans, and tambourines. All of this in one performance! I always enjoy Star’s performances, and she is such a great collaborator. This trio really brought the goods this evening! That is, without a doubt, worth spending your Monday on all by itself!

Bellydance Troupe Warda Safra
The ladies of Warda Safra present a cabaret bellydance pagent
Star, member of Bellydance Troupe Warda Safra
Star, bellydancer in troupe Warda Safra

Occasionally, we get to participate in a farewell celebration. Sticks, like most of the Circus Freaks, is multi-talented. Not only does he run lighting and do general grip stuff (that’s movie speak for an electrician-and-whatever-else-needs-doing person), but he also sings. This evening, Sticks celebrates the life of a departed friend and sings a song to bid the friend a fond farewell. Avalon joins in on guitar. Solemn yet joyous moments.

Avalon and Styx singing to a departed friend
Sticks is joined by Avalon in a memorial celebration of a departed friend.

So, there’s this thing called “Stage Falls” at Open Stage. It’s an amorphous thing, and rather unpredictable. In reality, this is an improv exercise that invariably brings much hilarity and many groans (there must be groans, I tell ya!). This evening’s fare was channel surfing 4 channels: ESPN, Disney, The Biography Channel, and the Science Channel. The subject? Each channel was presenting a show expounding on ham….wait for it….wait for it…BURGERS! Have you ever seen a Science Channel show exploring the very depths of the soul of a hamburger? How about a biography of Ronald McDonald and his infamous exploits with Hamburglar or Mayor McCheese? Or a play-by-play of a Big Mac moving down the assembly line? Cookie Monster gobbling up a Quarter Pounder with Cheese? Yeah, if you were in attendance on Monday, you saw all that and more!

The Stage Falls
The Stage Falls in Channel Surfing: All About Hamburgers

We were very pleased to welcome back to the stage, Derek Dizon! (I say “we”, but really, I didn’t have anything to do with it. I just drive a camera!) Derek has been out of the music business for some time now, but that evil soul-sucking guitar in the corner just couldn’t leave well enough alone. It forced The Derek out of retirement and back onto the stage. I gotta tell you, that guitar may not be so evil after all. Derek can really sing and play! And he brought his talent this evening, with 2 original songs. Oh, yeah–Derek is a songwriter, too. 🙂

2 Original songs, performed by Derek Dizon
Derek Dizon returns to musical performance with 2 original musical compositions.

Well, all that brings us to the “final” act of the evening. Yeah, you know! Saving the steamiest act for the last splash! (hmm, does that work for a potential new cliche? I dunno. Why don’t you try it out and get back to me!) Roxxy Reckless recently burst onto the burlesque scene (recently being a relative term, I think) with all her naked enthusiasm. This evening, Roxxy was joined by Penny Ruffles, and together the two choreographed their way down to pasties. Pasties, I might add, both fore and aft, if you get my meaning! 😉

Burlesque performers Roxxy Reckless and Penny Ruffles team up to expose and delight
Roxxy Reckless and Penny Ruffles in a fantastic burlesque duet!
Burlesque performers Roxxy Reckless and Penny Ruffles team up to expose and delight
Roxxy Reckless and Penny Ruffles in a fantastic burlesque duet!

As always, there are even more wonderful, beautiful photographs to be viewed over at my Open Stage galleries. Do feel free to poke around a bit and see what else is out there! You can even share them to Facebook or Google+.

If you’d like a little taste of the action, the spunky librarian (oooh! I just called a librarian “spunky”!), um, rather, the wise and learnéd librarian of Open Stage (who is, in fact, a bona fide librarian) creates videos of select performances. You can see those videos and other photographs that she curates over on the Open Stage blog of Circus Freaks. It’ll be up by Saturday, if the link isn’t working right yet.

And while you’re there, checking out the videos and performances, you might say to yourself, “Self, I have a skill!” Or you might say to yourself, “Self, I have something to say!” Or you might say to yourself, “Self, I really love bacon!” (ooh, that last one may have just been me projecting! 😀 ) If it do be the case, that you talk to yourself and have a skill, subject, or other presentable performance, take a moment and sign up to play the Open Stage. You’ll surely have a great time!

Ringmaster Russ Introducing Fabulous Burlesque
Russ introduces the next spectacular act!