All About That Hand at Open Stage

Well, just…bollocks! Here it is a week later, and I never made time to publish this blog post! I can make all kinds of excuses—editing photographs from a portrait shoot; prepping for classes at the day job; getting lost in a Lost Girl marathon… Well, it’s better late than never, I reckon! At least, for blog posts. 😮 So, here are photographs from the last Open Stage that I went to. And maybe a tiny bit of story telling. 😉

There was a disembodied limb involved throughout, providing a helping hand to the comedic stylings. The Head Clown, of course, can always use an extra hand to wrangle the unruly roustabouts. The additional appendage was really handy for emphasizing salient points—okay, I’ll move on!Head Clown with an Extra Hand saying, "I'm on to you!"

The lovely Kimberly presented this evening as a sultry torch singer. Garnished in a lovely gown accompanied by stylish white gloves (but WAIT! We have pictures!). The downside of the pictures is that you cannot hear the enchanting siren song. Kimberly entwined herself in the adulation of enraptured audience members and lyrically queried of them, “Why Don’t You Do Right?”. Having drawn in and enchanted the unwitting crew, Kimberly intimated that she’s tired of being pure and not chased, and she proffered a confession: “I Want to be Evil!” I’m sure there’s a video around, but plug your ears or tie yourself to a mast! Hmm, maybe not a mast, but perhaps a sturdy telephone pole? Oh, heck, just get lost in the song! 😀Kimberly, torch singer extraordinaire, serenades the audience The Stage Falls! No, the stage isn’t falling! It’s (the?) The Stage Falls! A mostly consistent group of improvisational hooligans perpetuating shenanigans for the shock and amusement of the onlooking skeptics! Or approving audience, as the case may be. 😉 This week’s improv? Mirror your cohort’s movement and keep coming up with a suitable description of that movement punctuated by “Try this on for size!”. Hilarity ensues.The Stage Falls with "Try This On For Size" So, Rob D. performs magic tricks. Sometimes he pops out a card trick for entertainment and wonderment. Occasionally, those card tricks involve making cards disappear from interesting, enticing locations and popping up (*cough*) from other interesting locations. Let us just reflect upon the pictorial record for a few moments, as Rob locates the missing card selected and hidden by his unsuspecting volunteer (who thought, perhaps, “surely if I put the card here he can’t find it!”).Rob D. solicits Olivia to help find her card in unexpected locations Conor is a multi-talented performance machine. From boylesque to speechifying to song and dance, the fella has many talents (not the least of which is growing out a flaming red beard! 😀 ). Tonight, Conor makes an appearance as “Mr. Cellophane”, bemoaning his status as The Invisible Man. Conor certainly could never be invisible, and his eloquent portrayal of the lamentable Mr. Cellophane will be remembered by the appreciative audience for many moons to come. Invisible Man Connor sings "Mr. Cellophane"Rounding out the show in soft, curvy, hot fashion was the curvaceous (oh dear I already used “curvy”, let’s try…) comely Roxxy Reckless. Roxxy has apparently fallen in lust love with the charming, suave Buck Wylde, and she just could not keep her beautiful gown from falling right off! Be sure to check out Roxxy’s goings-on around town, ’cause she’s going to be getting a lot of exposure! 😉Roxxy Reckless knows, One Way or Another she'll get her Buck Wild!Welp, that’s about it for me. Next time ’round, I’ll get the Open Stage report out in a more timely fashion, but surely the photographs of Roxxy helped soften the disappointment at the delay, right? If you want to see more photographs from the evening, be sure to visit my Open Stage gallery for the night, and to share photographs upon the various social media places, using the Share button!

And because you’re SO IMPRESSED with my witty banter and diligently directed visual presentations (are you? maybe just a little? a teensy weensy bit? not at all? oh, okay… *sigh*), be sure to check out Open Stage for yourself. It happens every Monday at the Celebration Event Center and Ballroom in beautiful east-north-ish Plano, right across from the llama farm! 😀 And go check out the Circus Freaks’ Open Stage page for information on how you can get involved and maybe do a little song-n-dance yourself! Also be sure to check out the videos from this show!

Until next time, Head Clown Russ mourns your absence and really, really wants to not be invisible! So come back and see the show! Oh, and…hug someone today! (whatever day today is for you!)Head Clown Russ in Anguished Anticipation of the Last Act