Life at…Attack of the Spooky Stage!

Carved Pumpkins with the Open Stage logoOH MY GOD WHAT A NIGHT! Have you ever been to a Spooky Stage! It’s truly a glorious, gory-ous, scary-ous experience! I am in awe over the creativity and effort that went into the costumes and outfits and makeup and…everything! This year, as tradition dictates, the show was extraordinarily fulsome and long-legged. It was completely worth it, and if you didn’t stay ‘til the very end, you missed a very special Open Stage treat! I stayed, and was appropriately exhausted on Tuesday, but it was SO worth it! So, let’s dive right into the goings-on of the night!

Magenta made an appearance, and she and Riff Raff were offering massages. Be sure to take advantage of that sometimes. A good massage can just set things right that you didn’t know were wrong! They have a privacy screen and table and everything to make you comfortable and get you loosened up for Performers Playground!Magenta holding forth at her massage table

Circus Freaks’ very own Frankie Stiletto kicked off the evening with style and flourish. We begin with a brief overview of classic sideshow freaks, including fringe freaks such as the “Nearly-Human Rhino”, and the Bearded Lady.Frankie and the Classic Sideshow  Explanation

Prominent amongst sideshows and circuses of old were the amazing sword swallowers. These renowned esophageal acrobats were increasingly competitive in this perforating practice, having contests and rivalries to see who could swallow the most swords and swords of different shapes. Sadly, sword swallowing, and sideshows in general, have waned as the Circus has fallen out of prominence as an entertainment choice and society has homogenized. But, Lo! Frankie Stiletto just happens to be one of the few remaining sword swallowers! She tells us there might be as few as 100 practicing swallowers. And here she is, trying to keep an amazing art alive and poking along! 😉

Sign says: "I've heard that one before, hecklers!" ;)
Sign says: “I’ve heard that one before, hecklers!” 😉

Frankie with a sword in her belly

Our own mad scientist Johnny Morbid has developed an interesting contraption. It’s a device that draws in some soul from future times and allows that person to temporarily inhabit Johnny’s body. No, not in THAT way! Keep your mind out of the gutter! No, this device allows the future soul to communicate to us and provide information and guidance about the future. What might the future person have to say to us, you ask? Well, I’ll sum it up for you: in the future, humanity has become so lackadaisical that we’ve designed robots to do everything for us. Some people sought to fight the boredom by causing mischief for the robots. So the robots decided to quash the mischief permanently.  Well, Agent TJ was tasked by Johnny Morbid to write down the notes. Unfortunately, Johnny doesn’t read mime, so the wisdom of the future remained elusive, but palpably bad. Johnny decided to go off and build himself a robot army to protect himself from the impending calamity.Mad Scientist Johnny Morbid

It’s nice to see muppets getting work these days. These squishy, felt-y, fuzzy critters have been sidelined unfairly in today’s world. So when Kitt Frost showed up to talk on Life, Death, and Puppets, the Open Stage patrons were wonderfully appreciative.  Unfortunately, “talk on…Death” was quite literal, as Kitt had Death’s arm quite firmly inserted into his backside! Yes, our erstwhile puppet had passed on to the other side. But at least Death provided one last opportunity for the felt fellow to let us know to appreciate life while it lasts!Kitt Frost on Life, Death, and Puppets

I tell you what, coming into this evening, I had no idea what a Goth Vampire Vixen Dance might look like. I mean, we know from South Park lore that Goth and Vampire are two totally different sects, right? But what happens when you turn a Goth into a Vampire? And what if that Goth-now-Vampire is a Vixen?  And then she dances? Well, duh! You end up with a Goth Vampire Vixen Dance! I’m sold! But I did keep my distance; I saw another fellow get drawn in and bespelled for the sustenance of the sinuous beauty. The dance was spellbinding to see, but watch out for the prick of her teeth on your neck!Zahra as Gothic Vampire VixenZahra the Goth Vampire Vixen

*sigh* Okay, kids will be kids, but still. You’ve GOT to set boundaries! And then have a way to enforce the boundaries! So, when li’l Rex decides to go on “zoomies” and have lots of fun tossing buildings in the air and stomping around, it takes a very special monster to put a stop to Rex’s shenanigating! It’s going to take this flying monster a lot of work to tame Rex, though! I mean, just look at how Rex uses his hind feet on her! Thankfully, she did manage to eventually guide Rex out of the path of destruction and mayhem. For now…Rex and Exsanguinous in Monster Battle

It’s been a little while since Molly Macabre has graced the Open Stage. Last we saw, she was doing things like bringing dead critters back to life. The cost, of course, being the clothes off her back! Molly has since moved on to theatrical endeavors. This fine, blood-soaked evening, Molly brings us a tale of demons, possession, and consumption of human flesh by said beasties. My advice? Always remember to double-tap. It’s “Evil Dead, The Musical”. 🙂Demon Possessed Molly Macabre

Sirens. You can make a siren by swiftly and repeatedly karate chopping your voice box with your hand as you emit a loud, shrill screech. G’head, try it! You did, didn’t you! I know you did! Tell us all about it in the comments below! 😀 Other sirens are more melodic and enchanting. Such as this young woman. Trust me, magic or no, when you here this incarnation of the mythical creature sing, you’ll start doubting the myth of the story and start believing the reality! I didn’t feel anything could displace the love I have for her violin playing, but now I’ve heard her sing, too!A Siren's Song

Ella Cinders. Daughter to a departed mother. En-daughtered to an Evil Stepmother, after which Father mysteriously disappears. Spends one very pumpkin-y evening with a boring and kind of dull Prince with the dubious appellation, “Charming”. Loves beautiful gowns, and especially taking the gowns off. Needs 2 microphones. Has 2 musical pasties. Do the math! Prince Charming never saw *this* lovely fun vision in his future!Attack of the Spooky Stage 1096

Speaking of time travel (you do remember, we spoke of such a thing several paragraphs back, right?), Darwin Prophet staged a casual but well-applauded return to the Open Stage during this our mostest scariest Open Stage of the year! Really, she may have been here recently, but I haven’t been, so it’s like brand new again!! 😀 It’s always gratifying and humbling to see time traveling musicians take time out to visit the denizens of Open Stage, no matter how Spooky we may be!Darwin Prophet, Time Traveller

Well, wow! It’s been a long, LONG show! The longest of the year! But the show is coming to a close. More than a few hearty souls have lingered, although the evening (and, let’s face it, shots of bubbling potion!) has not been kind to every soul. But if you stick around, you will often be treated to a…um…a treat (where’s that dang thesaurus…). No tricks! Well, sometimes tricks, but not this time! It was all treat! The fabulous fantastic Kelly, once elevated to Empress of Open Stage, paid a royal visit, unbeknownst to Spooky Denizens and quite in disguise! Our own ever-present Alicia teamed up with Kelly for a vocal and guitar duet. Alicia sang; Kelly played. AND then Alicia picks up her ukulele, and she and Kelly send us all into the night to a late night, double feature, picture show! It could not have been a better ending for…..Attack! Of the Spooky Stage! 🙂Return of the Empress of Open Stage

As always, I make more photographs than I can fit here. And, MAN did I get a ton of photographs tonight! Go browse and ooh-and-ah over them in my Open Stage Gallery for the evening. And if you wanted to purchase a print or two, or a download, to help me keep the site up and running, I would be very appreciative. I love prints. We don’t print enough anymore…

Spooky Stage is a production of the Circus Freaks, and they put an unbelievable amount of work into this show each and every week. Go give them a read on their Web site. Remember, also, that this is the Open Stage! If you have a skill, talent, both together, or none at all and just want to say something, why don’t you sign up to play the Open Stage? All are welcome! And even if the show is full, come on out anyhow! You never know when  an opportunity to perform will arise!

I hope all of you are having a great week and will have a great weekend! Be safe, and only eat fresh dead men’s toes on All Hallow’s Eve! 😛

Riff Raff and Magenta

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