A Stage at a Speakeasy

Speakeasy Stage 140922 0027Well, folks, it’s Prohibition-time. A time of swinging jazz, fancy duds, and hidden establishments of levity and licentiousness. And liquor. 🙂 It was time to gather down to the local speakeasy, dance with some shebas, ogle some sheiks,  and drink some of that sweet, sweet nectar! Ladies and germs, it’s time for Speakeasy Stage!

The proceedings were overseen by Doug Graves. Certainly not a character to be trifled with, Mr. Graves knows how to keep a show moving along. Stay on his good side, by all means! But if you are straight up and appropriately flattering, you might be lucky enough to get a blessing from this mob bossbusiness man!Speakeasy Stage 140922 0143

Rob D. stepped up to show the crowd how a bottle of alcohol might be disguised or hidden, should a “reputable establishment” receive a visit from the bulls, gum-shoes, or coppers. Of course, sometimes the coppers would slap a set of bracelets on a fella or gal, to cart the upstanding imbibing citizen off to the Big House. So Rob also proceed to show how a person might magically slip that unwanted jewelry off the wrist and leave ‘em hanging with a fake hand. Nobody would ever be the wiser!Speakeasy Stage 140922 0186

Before Frankie, before Sammy, while Dean was still learning his do from his re, there was Mack Blackjack. Alright, fine! That may be a bit of a stretch. Somebody once gave grief to Mack for his line of work as a crooner. Mack retorted, “Have you heard of Frank Sinatra? Sammy? Dean?” The fella said “Yeah, I heard of those guys!” “Well, so have I!” Mack shot back.Speakeasy Stage 140922 0241

I know you’ve heard of the Goodfellas. A rowdy crew, tough as nails, and always in trouble. Well, they got nothin’ on the Stage Fellas! A more low-down bunch of degenerates you ain’t never seen! But I tell you what, these goons (and gal) can tell a mean story! No, really, they tell mean stories. 😉Speakeasy Stage 140922 0285

And then there’s Mr. Wayne Greene. That bloke is one upstanding cake eater! And he’s got a lot of pull, too! As a matter of fact, he gets Mr. Graves to change his contract! Now HOW do you get a mobsterbusiness man like Doug Graves to change his contract? I’m not sure how Mr. Greene got it done, but he made Mr. Graves add a clause to the contract that Mr. Greene would always be surround be beautiful women when he performs! Well, we got Brittany Pigeon up there with the Stage Fellas, so there’s half the contract…Speakeasy Stage 140922 0350

…and bringing up the other half of the contract is the lovely Molly Macabre. That’s one dame that will always be in Mr. Graves’ good graces! A lovely, multi-talented temptress. Ms. Macabre crooned “Love Song” to an enthusiastic audience, bits and pieces of her fantastic ensemble flew hither and yon! It was definitely a mistressful performance that left us wanting more!Speakeasy Stage 140922 0408

After things wind down, the evening heads into a kind of after party. ‘Cause even denizens of a rowdy speakeasy need to cool off a bit before heading out on the road.  So you’ll see things like “Rubber Face” and Strand singing about important topics such as canolis, and boobs. Because, canolis! And boobs!Speakeasy Stage 140922 0584

You also get the occasional traveling banjo player like Jerry Malone, settling in to play something with a banjo. It should really go without saying that a banjo play would play something with a banjo, but this is my story!Speakeasy Stage 140922 0697

If you’re lucky, you’ll get a rare surprise popping up. Fresh from handling life’s ups, downs, and all-arounds, Christina wasn’t sure just what to sing. But the backbone of the gang Ms. H proffered some really sage advice. “Sing what makes you happy right now!” she says. So the lovely and missed Christina serenades with “Into the West”. That classy lady definitely deserves way more hugs (and singing opportunities) than she gets!Speakeasy Stage 140922 0782

Ah, that “Rubber Face”! He was just bouncing around all over the place! 😀 He was positively radioactive, I tell ya! Wait, did we know “radioactive” in speakeasy days? I’m not really sure! Well, shucks! I guess every good story needs its anachronisms, right?Speakeasy Stage 140922 0845

It’s a good thing this dame is pretty! She can be quite the prankster…Speakeasy Stage 140922 0948

…but her contrite demeanor saves her every time! Which is a good thing, ‘cause we didn’t need nothing to stop the beautiful, luscious Lolly Shine from bringing the evening to a soft, crooning close!Speakeasy Stage 140922 0971

Well, that’s another Speakeasy Stage in the can! With any luck we can get the mobsters out again next year and keep the coppers bamboozled long enough to have another fun-filled evening! For now, the season of Prohibition has come to a close, and it’s time to move on to other fun and scary things!

So, you might be thinking, “Where can I see more incriminating evidence?” Well, I gots an entire collection right over in my file cabinets! So go have a look-see! And you might be thinking, “How can I get up on that stage and play a little song or do a little dance?” It’s real simple, see? Just head over to the Circus Freaks, read the rules, and sign up!

Until next time, folks, kiss somebody you love!

Speakeasy Stage 140922 0488