A Hoppy Wedding: Carissa and Eric

A cake topper representing the bride and groomA long time ago, in a brewery far, far away. Sometime in the future. Of the past.
Okay, so I photographed this wedding, and my lovely wife assisted. And I decided to let it sink in and simmer a bit. Y’know, like you do. I figure it’s pretty ripe, now, so it ought to be up on the blog, right? 😀 Well, here you go: some tidbits from the wedding of Carissa and Eric.

Eric loves beer. Possibly almost as much as I do. Oh, fine, probably more! ‘Cause he brews and stuff, too. And Carissa has embraced the joys of a great brew, as well. Good times, eh? 😉 What better place, then, to get married than within the environs of a top-notch microbrewery, Lakewood Brewing!The wedding rings arranged on an upturned beer snifter

We did get some lovely bridal shots. Here are a couple of my favorite ones.2 portraits of the bride in her wedding dress

Being joined in holy matrimony by an officiant who is also a friend and coworker is pretty darn handy.The officiant recites his words to Carissa and Eric

I can tell you confidently that, had EVERYTHING POSSIBLE gone wrong this day, and yet the ceremony still was pulled off, this couple would still have be deliriously happy! For the record, things do go wrong, at every wedding everywhere, but these two kids were so excited and so in love that the only thing that mattered in the end, was joining two houses into one and exchanging vows. Their joy is still palpable!Top: Carissa pays rapt attention to Eric's vows. Bottom: Carissa gets her first kiss as a married woman.

Every family has some instigators. This time, they left the sister out front all by her self! Silly instigators! Sister was pretty awesome on wedding day. I’m sure she’s awesome every day, but I only saw her this day, so… 😉Carissa's sister dances in front of the group as family is arranged for formals

Toasting the attendees! And being attentive hosts!Carissa makes a toast as Eric's attention is grabbed by a question off-camera

When the bride is wearing SO MUCH FABRIC! sometimes the groom must make an extra effort to retrieve the garter!Eric digs under a seated Carissa's dress trying to find  the garter

This was an incredibly fun wedding, on a blistering, hot summer balmy Texas spring day (which, anywhere else, would actually be a blistering, hot summer day!). Lakewood Brewing was a fun place to hold such an event. A wedding day is a day of joy and happiness and celebration. We had some more somber depictions of the day, but shenanigans and celebration are part-and-parcel of Carissa and Eric. It was an honor and joy to be a part of their day. I wish all adventures and happiness on this lovely couple, and much good brewing! 🙂

Photograph of the rear of the wedding getaway car

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