Tank’s Play Time

Side view of Tank leaping to snap his ball out of midair

It’s play time with the Tank! Heya, folks! How are y’all! I feel like we have one of the most interesting dogs in the world. He is so packed full of energy, yet has a gimpy back leg that can really suck up all that energy pretty quick. But that doesn’t stop him from leaping to snatch his favorite toy out of the air!

Okay, really, it’s just one of his favorite toys! It’s really great exercise for the bounding ball of rock-solid muscle, though. And it’s pretty fun for his human pack, too. Well, most of the time. 😐 There are a TON of mosquitos this year! You know it’s really serious, ’cause I used both bold and ALL CAPS!Tank jumps up to catch his ball, and then runs this way with ears flopping.

With as much energy as this guy has, it’s an absolute requirement to make sure he gets plenty of exercise. His gimpy leg is just right for his not-keen-to-walk pack, and he can really explode after that ball! So it works out really well: we can keep being our own laid-back selves, and at the same time we can wear him out! Frequently we get him up on the treadmill, too, for a little “endurance” training.Tank makes a pouncing dive at his ball, on top of a shot of Tank twisting to jump for his ball

The boy can turn on a dime, I tell you what! And he can bound and pounce with the best of them! Our beautiful Tank is one awesome dog, and I’m so very thankful that he’s a part of our family!

Until next time, folks…keep leaping after your own favorite ball in life!

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