A Hello Goodbye Open Stage

Roustabear gathered with the crew and a shark on top of a speaker
Roustabear, the crew, and a Shark

The Sun waned in the evening sky, seeming to realize that leaving was afoot. It was a Monday. I remember that very well; it was definitely a Monday. And even if I wasn’t quite sure about that, well, it was Open Stage. Open Stage always happens on a Monday. It’s like a bit of clockwork from a fine Swiss artist. Sometimes it’s wound pretty tight; other times it’s a little loose. But it happens reliably on Mondays. There was once, when it didn’t happen. The clock had to get pulled apart, cleaned, and tuned up. And then it was back, shiny and brand-new again. This week, the clock is being repaired in place; some new workings get tenderly added, and some other gears are being removed to go live in a different clock.

One of the new cogs getting a workout in the tick-tock constancy that is Open Stage was Emmeline, musician extraordinaire. Well-oiled (but not oily!!!), shiny, springs fully wound and comb fully in tune. You know, a comb. Like from a music box, that produces those beautiful tunes. Only not like a music box from the gift shop. Rather, one that has been loving crafted by a long-suffering Russian master, gold-inlaid and assembled with the precision only time can teach. Yeah, so…comb fully in tune. And it’s pronounced like “Coraline”, only with an “Emme” instead of a “Cora”. So, moving on, there was a love-lost song. Emmeline didn’t have one, unlike all the other suffering musicians in the world. So she had to write one. Well, my heart was breaking, to hear such sadness in such a beautiful voice. But all was not lost! Emmeline left us with a fun, happy song! Yay! Be sure to check her out on Facebook; it really is a pleasure to listen to her sing.

Emmeline singing and playing her keyboard
Emmeline singing a lost love song

Did you know that Monday was National Teddy Bear Day? I did not! Y’see, there really is added value in participating in Open Stage! And whaddaya know! We had our very own Bearhugger there! Bearhugger McLain, to be specific! Funny story: Bearhugger McLain was once enjoined by actual bears to perform at a musical performy type place. By all accounts, Bearhugger had to live up to his name at the end of the evening. But we can all do with more hugs, right? 🙂 The evening ended with Bearhugger McLain going home to Mama Bearhugger, and from thence to Open Stage. Where Mr. McLain’s music and stories wound up the Open Stage timepiece and ensured the hands would keep on moving. *cough* 😀

Bearhugger McLain singing a song and playing guitar, reflected in the mirror
Bearhugger McLain singing a tale of Uncle Bob

Hey, hey, hey! Molly Midori is back! How do you get the timepiece of Open Stage really wound up tight? A little bit of belly dance fusion, some poi, some veil. I’ve been watching Ms. Midori dance for several years now. Not like, you know, constantly or anything. Just whenever she’d be dancing. Out. On a stage somewhere. So…yeah. She was already pretty good when I first saw her, I think close to the beginning of her belly dance life. She keeps getting better. That’s pretty awesome to see—like watching a flower bloom. A dancer who takes pride in her craft, and constantly seeks to grow. Sometimes I forget to click the shutter button.

Molly Midori posing during her dance
Molly Midori undulates sinuously through her performance

Speaking of moving gears around and going to live in other clocks, one of our recent and dearly beloved cogs is being removed from the Open Stage timepiece to go tick-tock in somebody’s else’s clock shoppe. The one! The only! The Slice Fury! Slice got an offer of musical fulfillment out LA-way. Go West, young man! In his final performance as a regular gear at Open Stage, Slice Fury teamed up with Zach on Bass, Libby on vocals (and hoops!) and Jaison on poi, to leave us with “Wonderwall”. And, of course, with assorted silliness. ‘Cause what would Open Stage be without Slice’s assorted silliness? Best of luck to you, sir, and I do hope you’ll visit once in a while.

Slice Fury playing guitar and singing into his microphone
Slice Fury reflecting on the wonder of it all
Libby hooping in front of the stage as Slice plays
Libby hooping during Slice’s 2nd song

So, Bret Crow has a sad. Which is a sad thing indeed. When Bret has a sad, the whole clock moves just a little slower. Truly, Bret was so sad, he had to sing us Saturday Morning Cartoon Blues. And if you have the Saturday Morning Cartoon Blues, then it must indeed be a sad time. But it’s Bret; he’s like one of the keys that winds up the Open Stage. He won’t be singing the Saturday Morning Cartoon Blues for long, I’ll warrant! 🙂

Bret Crow singing Saturday Morning Cartoon Blues
Bret Crow singing Saturday Morning Cartoon Blues

This week, Vixie joins us for some poetry. Keeping the hands moving ‘round the dial, Vixie reads some of her own poems to bring words to life. In the words of The Hawaiian, Vixie painted a picture of life with her words. Just as skillful as a painter of paint, or of light. Come back to us again, Vixie!

Vixie reciting her poem into her microphone
Vixie talking about something “this big”. 🙂

Well, all timepieces that are crafted with care and diligence need to be wound and cleaned once in a while. So also must this tiny bit of time wind down, until next week. I have here but a smattering of photographs from that evening. There are many more over at my Open Stage Gallery for the evening. Go check them out, share them, enjoy them, but please link back to the source.

Slice Fury, we’ll miss you! And the single-most expressive set of eyes since Russ became a clown! 🙂 And Emmeline, thanks for coming out! Your music and voice is truly enjoyable; I hope you’ll be back!

Be sure to take you ticker on over to the Circus Freaks blog for the evening. Courtesy the lovely and talented Alicia, the inimitable Circus Freaks librarian, you’ll find select videos, and there are also a selection of photographs from the other photographers at the event.

Lastly, if you have a skill, a talent, something you can do, or just have something to say, do sign up to play the Open Stage! It’s such a great place to perform, to learn to perform, or to grow. Or just come out to enjoy all those who are stepping out on that big hour hand, alone in front of the crowd, to do their best to get us all wound up!

Devan called upon stage by De La Strahd to answer if he's a Momma's Boy or not
Devan called upon stage by De La Strahd to answer if he’s a Momma’s Boy or not

Until next time, keep time, my friends, but not too closely!

Heh! I said “We”! 🙂

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  1. Bearhugger has almost no idea what the Juggler is talking about, but will admit to having a great time–especially listening to Emmeline. See y’all in October…

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