Belly Dancer Headshots

Sometimes I make headshots for folks. It’s pretty cool. The foundation (how you’re standing, how you’re sitting, which way your body is turned relative to the camera and the light) will all impact how well the headshot turns out.  And sometimes you’re wearing a bit of clothing, a nice top or something, that you want to also be in the photograph.

Sometimes your wife is a belly dancer (like mine). And she has cool friends who are also part of her belly dance troupe. Sometimes some of those lovely ladies like to practice putting on their makeup. It’s not like getting ready for work or anything. Foundation, blush, eye shadow, mascara, various types of glue and color and other product. It’s all very technical, kind of. It’s important to be able to apply makeup quickly and in the right sequence when you’re a performer. You don’t want eye lashes flinging out into the audience, or mascara running down your cheek, or even (for the more perspiring types) makeup drooping down your cheeks (I dunno—can that even happen? I mean, if you’re not Tammy Bakker?).

SOMETIMES, the wife of the photographer gathers some of the girls together to practice makeup on the same evening that the photographer has some time. And lessons get reviewed and makeup gets applied. And then headshots get made with the newly applied makeup!

‘Cause it would be a terrible thing to go through all that effort and dabbing and wiping and brushing and not have any decent photographs to document your work! J And THAT, my friends, is how I get better at making headshots: my lovely wife’s belly dance troupe’s makeup practice sessions! 😀

Until next time, friends and neighbors, stay beautiful and stand tall!