Portrait of Dance Fitness

Portrait of Jennifer in Black and White
© 2012, Matt Vanecek – Jennifer

Jennifer is the proprietor of Sole Groove Dance Fitness, a relaxing studio in Flower Mound, TX where intense physical training belies the calming environment. She has bellydance instructors, Zumba (I’m *still* not sure what that is!), Masala, a burlesque class. And recently added, a pole fitness class. Practitioners learn how to hang and spin on, and climb a pole, and they create great muscle tone while doing so.

Jennifer spins around the pole
© 2012, Matt Vanecek – Jennifer demonstrates a spinning move

I had a lot of fun creating these images for Jennifer. It was pretty amazing what she could do on a fitness pole. Spinning and hanging with deceptive ease; the poles are slick metal that would be hard to climb. There’s a technique to it, and a good bit of muscle involved.

Jennifer lies horizontal on the pole
© 2012, Matt Vanecek – Jennifer demonstrates a prone position

Hanging around like this may look easy and relaxing, but we were both sweating by the end of the photo shoot! Mine was purely sympathetic sweat; watching Jennifer do the various moves on the pole was exertion enough for me!

I always enjoy the honor of photographing Jennifer. She’s a funny, genuine person who is a pleasure to be around. Be sure to visit Sole Groove Dance Fitness and try a class or two. You’ll be greeted by this lovely, funny lady ready to make you sweat!

Portrait of Jennifer by a fitness pole
© 2012, Matt Vanecek

Until next time, keep moving!