Open Stage Variety

One of the things I love about The Open Stage is the variety of performances each week. Some dance, some song. Soliloquies and hooping. It’s really quite inspiring. And I get to take pictures of it all.

Every week there are what are affectionately called “First Timers”. First Timers hold a special place, because they’ve been conned into coming behind the curtain for they-know-not-what. The curtain separates the real world from the inner world of freaks and shenanigans. First Timers–oh-so-innocent! 🙂

Photograph of an Eager First Time
© 2012, Matt Vanecek

This weeks movements ranged from hula hooping, in true Polynesian style, to late 1800s burlesque. Well, burlesque is really timeless, and a floating hoop around hips, neck, and legs is always amazing to watch–how DOES one keep the hoop from falling?!

Photograph of Rachel Hula Hooping on Stage
© 2012, Matt Vanecek – Rachel hula-hoops a Polynesian piece

There was singing aplenty, with Prophetic instrumentality and royal flowery singing.

Photograph of Darwin Prophet singing with her guitar
© 2012, Matt Vanecek – Darwin Prophet
Photograph of Kelly Nygren playing guitar
© 2012, Matt Vanecek – A flower accompanies Kelly’s song
Photograph of Empress Kelly gracing her subjects with a song, accompanied by her guitar.
© 2012, Matt Vanecek – Kelly graces her subjects with a song

And a birthday girl to witness the Empress of The Open Stage softly singing a song.

Photographs of birthday girl Susan in her special seat
© 2012, Matt Vanecek – Susan gets a special seat on her birthday

The defining moment of the evening, I think. “Say what again!” A character performance, an 8-year old auditioning for a part, “recites” Jules’ monologue as his audition piece. The audience provides a perfect counterpoint, and hilarity ensues.

Photograph of Satek performing an audition
© 2012, Matt Vanecek – “Say What again! I DARE you!”

It was another exciting show for The Open Stage! For some videos, visit the Open Stage blog by Circus Freaks. For more photographs by me, see my entire Open Stage gallery from the evening. I highly encourage anybody 21 and up to come out and see the show. It happens on Mondays at the House of Poets in Richardson, TX.