Jennifer balancing her sword
Jennifer's Sword © 2011, Matt Vanecek

Mother. Wife. Daughter. Business Owner. Dancer. Jennifer.

I had opportunity to create some photographs of Jennifer at her studio. Jennifer is the proprietress of Sole Groove Dance Studio in Flower Mound, TX. Jennifer was a real pleasure to work with. She’s intelligent, has an easy sense of humor, and is pretty laid back.

Jennifer in her burnt orange costume
Jennifer on Green © 2011, Matt Vanecek

Jennifer had a couple of costumes that she wanted to have pictures in . We started out with the blue outfit, and worked in a couple of shots with her sword. Then we moved on to an orange outfit that really went very well with her hair color. It was pretty easy to move Jennifer into different poses and positions to emphasize her elegance and that bit of playfulness. It didn’t take her any time at all to pick up on such obscure posing terms as “dancers’ hands.” Which was actually pretty impressive, since not only was that posing term obscure, it was also made up on the spot. By me. 🙂

Jennifer's headshot in black and white
Jennifer in Black-and-White © 2011, Matt Vanecek

Jennifer’s infectious smile and collaborative spirit helped make this session very fun. With my lovely assistant (AKA my wife!) we were able to get in and set up quickly. After that, we made some wonderful images with Jennifer, and got everything packed up and loaded just in time to see a rather spectacular sunset and lightning show.

I’m truly looking forward to the next opportunity I get to photograph Jennifer! 🙂
Take a look at my Portrait portfolio, that includes the above images of Jennifer and some others not shown here.