The Orient Express

Vivienne Vermuth speaks about Stephanie's breast cancer
Vivienne Vermuth © 2011, Matt Vanecek

Broads and Panties presents The Orient Express! Showing at The Bone in Deep Ellum (Dallas), TX on September 22, 2011. The profits from this show will benefit A to Zed Photography, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer. Thanks to the wonderful United States healthcare system, she is unable to afford treatment. So, the community has rallied around her. In addition to the excellent services provided by The Bridge Breast Network, Stephanie’s circles rallied to collect funding to help her cover additional costs. I’m sure this help will continue until Stephanie is able to beat this scourge.

Bang Bang Lulu provides a rousing, energetic set of performances. Her enthusiasm and flare was fun to watch. It was hard to continue taking pictures instead of just watching her performance, honestly.

Bang Bang Lulu Poses on a Chair
Bang Bang Lulu © 2011, Matthew Vanecek

Zamra Dollskin Eats Fire
Zamra Dollskin © 2011, Matthew Vanecek

Zamra Dollskin of Dollskin Designs gets hot on stage. Probably because of all that fire she’s playing with! Of course, when one gets hot, clothes may come off! Also a purveyor of latex clothing, Zamra is a woman of many talents. 🙂

Pixie O'Kneel teases
Pixie O'Kneel © 2011, Matthew Vanecek

Pixie O’Kneel is always a popular performer. She shows a more serious side in this performance, but as always, ends with a flare!

Miss Red provides an amusing look at how the body seems to have a mind of its own. Through shimmies, belly rolls, and chest shimmies, her body does its own thing.

Miss Red
Miss Red © 2011, Matthew Vanecek

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