Heavy Metal

Modern burlesque is an eclectic mix of tease, humor, and innovation. Sometimes it reaches back to the glory days of vaudeville, perhaps adding a modern cultural spin. Sometimes, it reaches back, but not quite that far. Sometimes, burlesque gets stuck in the head-banging 80s. A time when a sweet child may be caught smoking in the boys’ room. A time when the thorn on a rose might leave a bit of poison on a white snake. A time when hair was long and metal was heavy. This is burlesque, baby, Heavy Metal Unchained-style!

Blaze Does-Burlesque
© 2011, Matt Vanecek

Blaze lit the stage on fire with her energy and beautiful blazing red mane.

Trees hosted this epic show produced by Vivienne Vermuth. I was lucky enough to be able to take pictures of the event from a handy vantage point in a balcony overlooking the stage. It was a very exciting show that brought back teenage memories.

Lady Liquor Channels KISS
© 2011, Matt Vanecek

Lady Liquor brought a bit of KISS to the stage with her ever-unpredictable antics.

The luscious Angela Ryan steams up the air as she glides like a White Snake that goes again.

Angela Ryan performs to White Snake's "Here I Go Again"
© 2011, Matt Vanecek

Heavy Metal Unchained was a fun show, and I heard music I hadn’t heard in years, or even a couple of decades. I loved the performances! The show did, however, remind me why I need to carry earplugs in my camera bag. Heavy metal music is LOUD! 🙂

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