Still Here…

Steampunk Jessica Dawn with goggles and the little green fairy.
© 2010, Matt Vanecek. All Rights Reserved

Hello, again. Things have been pretty quiet lately on the visual arts front. I finished off a video for work. We had Yau-Man Chan (from UC Berkeley, and of Survivor: Fiji fame) in at work as the Diversity & Inclusion speaker this year. He was pretty darn good. I capture the video of his presentation. I wish I could present his video publicly, but I did capture it for work, as part of our photography club. So I don’t think I can post it. Oh, well.

The photography front has been quiet lately. I’ve mostly been keeping up with my personal 365 self-portrait project. I’m almost done with Michael Freeman’s book, “The Photographer’s Eye”. It’s a really good book; I may try my hand at writing a review when I’ve completed it. I’ve been trying to get caught up on stuff, including finishing the book I’m reading. I’m getting around to framing some pictures, finally. I dropped one off at Micheal’s for custom framing, and picked up some ready-made frames for some other pictures. It’s time to get some of my work up on the walls adding some life to those blank spaces. 🙂 I do have some upcoming sessions, though, and I’m working on some photographs from a couple of burlesque events I went to.

Going forward with this blog, I want to make sure I post every week. I think Monday is a good day. As part of the post, I’m going to try an highlight a photographer whose work I like, or think is interesting. One such photographer is Jill Greenberg, AKA “Manipulator”. Jill began manipulating photographs as a child in the 1980s, and when Photoshop came out, she began manipulating digital images. Jill’s work shows in exhibitions in places like Rome, Paris, New York City, Los Angeles…check out her online gallery and see if she has an exhibit near you. Nothing in Texas (yet).

Go out and make some pictures!