Life at…Attack of the Spooky Stage!

Carved Pumpkins with the Open Stage logoOH MY GOD WHAT A NIGHT! Have you ever been to a Spooky Stage! It’s truly a glorious, gory-ous, scary-ous experience! I am in awe over the creativity and effort that went into the costumes and outfits and makeup and…everything! This year, as tradition dictates, the show was extraordinarily fulsome and long-legged. It was completely worth it, and if you didn’t stay ‘til the very end, you missed a very special Open Stage treat! I stayed, and was appropriately exhausted on Tuesday, but it was SO worth it! So, let’s dive right into the goings-on of the night!

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Just Fabulous Belly Dance at State Fair of Texas

Just Fabulous Belly Dance at Texas State Fair 141003 0435

The State Fair of Texas 2014 is now a memory. Just Fabulous Belly Dance had the good fortune to be one of the cultural dance troupes in front of the Hall of State, performing on October 4. Here are some photographs from those performances, as well as a video of their first performance of the day. I’m leaving you with some good memories of the State Fair this year! :) Continue reading

A Stage at a Speakeasy

Speakeasy Stage 140922 0027Well, folks, it’s Prohibition-time. A time of swinging jazz, fancy duds, and hidden establishments of levity and licentiousness. And liquor. :) It was time to gather down to the local speakeasy, dance with some shebas, ogle some sheiks,  and drink some of that sweet, sweet nectar! Ladies and germs, it’s time for Speakeasy Stage! Continue reading