A Stage at a Speakeasy

Speakeasy Stage 140922 0027Well, folks, it’s Prohibition-time. A time of swinging jazz, fancy duds, and hidden establishments of levity and licentiousness. And liquor. :) It was time to gather down to the local speakeasy, dance with some shebas, ogle some sheiks,  and drink some of that sweet, sweet nectar! Ladies and germs, it’s time for Speakeasy Stage! Continue reading

Sites Seen while Walking for Heart Health

20140913_aha_heartwalk_0003Last Saturday I had the pleasure of participating in the American Heart Association’s 2014 Heartwalk in Dallas, Texas. This is an annual fundraising effort by the AHA to raise funds for research, education, and treatment for heart disease. There are a lot of myths and misconceptions about heart health, and the AHA helps raise awareness of the myths and advocates for better health practices at the local, regional, and national levels. And that’s my advert for the AHA! Now, how ‘bout some photographs! I took my camera, of course, and made some photographs of the sights along the way. :) Continue reading

Bridge Over the River Niko: A Portrait Session

Niko stands arms akimbo, hip pushed to one side, framed by the bridgeA bridge. A sunset. A beautiful woman. These things conspire together to call out to photographers everywhere, dragging us like a siren’s call that will dash us upon the craggy rocks of posing and direction, editing and hair-pulling. It’s a compulsion that cannot, must not, be ignored. So, thank heavens for Niko! Always willing to come over and play with me! :D Continue reading