Bridge Over the River Niko: A Portrait Session

Niko stands arms akimbo, hip pushed to one side, framed by the bridgeA bridge. A sunset. A beautiful woman. These things conspire together to call out to photographers everywhere, dragging us like a siren’s call that will dash us upon the craggy rocks of posing and direction, editing and hair-pulling. It’s a compulsion that cannot, must not, be ignored. So, thank heavens for Niko! Always willing to come over and play with me! :D Continue reading

A Hoppy Wedding: Carissa and Eric

A cake topper representing the bride and groomA long time ago, in a brewery far, far away. Sometime in the future. Of the past.
Okay, so I photographed this wedding, and my lovely wife assisted. And I decided to let it sink in and simmer a bit. Y’know, like you do. I figure it’s pretty ripe, now, so it ought to be up on the blog, right? :D Well, here you go: some tidbits from the wedding of Carissa and Eric. Continue reading