Orphan Stage 2014


Well, it’s that time of year again. Wreaths are hung; mistletoe adorns doors. Christmas stockings are hung by the chimney and Christmas trees are stood up and decorated. Menorahs are lit day by day, and champagne is laid in in preparation for the turning of one year into another. Families gather around the world and celebrate birth and rebirth and the promise of coming days. In the way of things, sometimes “family” can be different groups of people. Orphan Stage is one of those special Open Stage events that seeks to gather together those who might be orphaned from their own families, through loss, estrangement, or distance, and to have a grand gathering to celebrate the various and sundry holidays all happening in a jumble right now. Continue reading

Acrobatic Open Stage

Head of the Clowns and FreaksG’day, mates! As the inimitable Johnny Morbid remarked to me, I’m glad for y’all to see me! :D Life has been rather hectic since my last visit to Open Stage, as you can well imagine! Holidays, traveling, early morning meetings on Tuesdays, the occasional case of the sniffles. But I finally made it to another Open Stage just in time to get my camera warmed up for the impending Orphan Stage! I was able to hang around for the Main Event, and here’s a bit of what I saw. Continue reading

Help Portrait Denton 2014

Help Portrait 2014 BannerWell, it came and went. There was probably less fanfare than it really deserves, but it did get a decent amount of attention, and some very enthusiastic participation. We had some volunteers from the far reaches of the Metroplex, which was pretty cool. A city council member stopped by to see how things were going. Overall, it was a great day. I felt so happy, in fact, that it felt like a vacation day, instead of just a normal weekend. Continue reading