Help Portrait Denton 2014

Help Portrait 2014 BannerWell, it came and went. There was probably less fanfare than it really deserves, but it did get a decent amount of attention, and some very enthusiastic participation. We had some volunteers from the far reaches of the Metroplex, which was pretty cool. A city council member stopped by to see how things were going. Overall, it was a great day. I felt so happy, in fact, that it felt like a vacation day, instead of just a normal weekend. Continue reading

Portraits at Open Stage

Frankie Stiletto with her favorite swordGood morrow, fellow travelers. I hope the day finds you hale and hearty! This day’s post is just a swift monologue; nothing to move Earth and King. Mayhap a little movement. Occasionally I have a moment while at Open Stage to create portraits of inhabitants of that wondrous realm. Sometimes requested, and sometimes I request. There are many glorious denizens of this world between Normal and Circus Freaks, and ’tis truly a joy to make photographs of them. Continue reading

Life at…Attack of the Spooky Stage!

Carved Pumpkins with the Open Stage logoOH MY GOD WHAT A NIGHT! Have you ever been to a Spooky Stage! It’s truly a glorious, gory-ous, scary-ous experience! I am in awe over the creativity and effort that went into the costumes and outfits and makeup and…everything! This year, as tradition dictates, the show was extraordinarily fulsome and long-legged. It was completely worth it, and if you didn’t stay ‘til the very end, you missed a very special Open Stage treat! I stayed, and was appropriately exhausted on Tuesday, but it was SO worth it! So, let’s dive right into the goings-on of the night!

Continue reading